Celebrity Look-A-Likes Featuring Jeffery Dean Morgan & Javier Bardem

It’s always amazing that in a town as small as Hollywood you can get two people who look so much alike. Well, not that Hollywood is small, but compare it to the rest of the world! Getting two super famous people who look a like? That must be rare. Well, there are way more Hollywood look-a-likes than you would think!

We’ve decided to highlight these pairing starting with one of the most obvious–and one of my personal favorites–Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem. Two actors from completely different nationalities and acting styles who look so much alike that the one time I saw Javier on a plane and thought it was Jeffrey at first.

Launch the gallery to check out just how similar these two look! Is it the facial structure, the hair, the beards, the smile? All of those and more! Tell us who your favorite celebrity look-a-likes are in the comments!