Celebrity Impersonators – Deadringers or Dead Wrong? [Photos]

February 4th, 2011 // 3 Comments

First of all – who uses celebrity impersonators anymore? And why? What I love is that these talent websites encourage you to book impersonators, ranging from Lady Gaga to Drew Carey, for your corporate events, awards banquet, trade show, fundraiser, ‘sophisticated party’ or advertising promotion.

Now, how does a celebrity impersonator of Celine Dion make your board meeting go well? Does the Julia Roberts circa Pretty Woman whore impersonator really set the tone for your trade show?

Some impersonators really do look like the individuals they portray…others? I think they were told one time that they looked like so-and-so and tried to make a career out of it (please note the Meryl Streep impersonator)…

Feast your eyes on the gallery…

By Justin Thompson

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    i would’ve guessed vivica a. fox meets rihanna

  2. celebrity impersonators
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    look more like JLo to me.

  3. celebrity impersonators
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    That Britney is actually a male impersonator, FYI. He was on America’s Got Talent…amazing!

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