‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Scrapes The Bottom Of The Has-Been Barrel

October 31st, 2011 // 1 Comment

Either Celebrity’s Apprentice‘s casting directors had no time to put together a quasi-respectable crew, or this season was a first-come-first-serve, because we are looking at the bottom of the shower drain, here.

Tia Carerra?  Aubrey O’DayDebbie GibsonPatricia Velasquez (Who)?  Dayana Mendoza (Again.  Who?)  Teresa Giudice?  The Teresa Giudice who speaks broken Engrish and will have trouble pronouncing “Celebrity Apprentice?”  I expect this sort of presentation from CBS, but from the peacock network?

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Do better, NBC.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. PVL

    Aubey Oday and Lisa Lampanelli have to be the worse contestants ever. They both come across as having self-esteem issues Anyone that has to constantly point out everything they do, has some kind of problem!

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