Celebrities With Drug Problems

May 30th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Which replacement boyfriend might not be the best thing for his new g.f.’s drug problem? Apparently the very public couple share a private love of disco dust. (Source)

Which flack was suspended without pay for a week after she stubbed out her cigarette in Chris Noth‘s champagne bucket at her own client’s club opening? (Source)

Which two actresses who share screen time with a burly leading man in a top-rated TV show aren’t speaking behind the scenes? There was drama last week when they both showed up at the same NYC party. (Source)

Which magazine editor has taken more than a sporting interest in a Condé Nast editrix? Although he is married, he has started romancing the rival publishing firm’s lass. (Source)

Which bed-hopping celebrity is going to be very disappointed with her strapping new man? He’s small for his size – at least according to another gal-around-town who slept with him first. (Source)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ava Verhaal

    1-Kate Moss’ boyfriend.

  2. JJ

    3 – The 2 are Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest.

  3. Nansie

    #1 – Vince and Jen
    #3 – probably something to do with Desperate Housewives
    #5 – either Lindsay and Paris over Stavros or Paris and her football bf and the ex is Kristen Cavalleri.

  4. mia

    #1. Heather Locklear & David Spade.

  5. Yogaloga

    #1-Kate Moss and whoever she’s daating
    #3-According to Jim cast? Courtney Thorne Smith and Kimberley Williams? (Brad Paisley’s wife)
    #5-Paris Lindsay Stavros et al.

  6. lollie

    number one is Denise Richards and Richie Sambora…..number 5 is Lohan and Stavros

  7. jenp

    #1 is Definitely Vaughniston. She’s been known to love the disco dust…..

  8. kreboo

    I think #1 is Misha and Cisco

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