Celebrities Love Pumpkin Patches

October 24th, 2005 // 5 Comments

Or at least their children do. These are actually really cute photos of the kids. Although Denise and Charlie don’t look too happy that this “family moment” is being captured on film by others. That’s Heidi Klum with her daughter below.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. JaneSays

    OK, I’ll say it; Charlie and Denise’s kid is BUSTED. The trademark Sheen squinty-eyed scowl is not attractive on a little girl. Sorry…

  2. Kat

    Are Denise and Charlie patching things up? (No pun intended.) Or just spending time together for the sake of the kids?

  3. JaneSays

    Denise hasn’t withdrawn her divorce petition but admits that she and Charlie are spending time together in hopes of reconciling.

  4. It’s odd. Heidi Klum’s little girl is so adorable, but Denise Richard’s and Charlie Sheen’s little girl is so hideous. It’s almost grotesque.

  5. King Smart Ian

    Young Miss Sheen has a touch of Tuscaloosa Wal-Mart going on. Needs her hair done and a bit more attention paid to her

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