Celebrities In Tears

Poor little Dakota Fanning weeps on her way out of Fred Segal. We can only imagine what happened inside. I’m thinking that she had a run-in with Mark Lisanti from Defamer.

Now Nicole Richie on the other hand, is reportedly crying over the death of her friend DJ Chix, who died from the bird flu. This, I have not been able to confirm. Or it could be just a delayed reaction to her ongoing feud with Paris Hilton. In a recent appearance on Today, Nicole spoke of the feud.

Asked by host Katie Couric about what went wrong among the onetime pals, Richie simply said, “We just grew apart.” So, is there a feud between them? Not really, said Richie, though the spat “just turned into a much bigger thing than it is. It’s just not part of my life.” And yet, should she and Hilton happen to run into each other – “at the mall or someplace,” Couric inquired – they would not speak to each other, Richie said flatly.

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