Celebrities Come Out To Enjoy A Dodgers Game

Celebrities love their sports! At last nights game the Dodgers were joined by Zachary Levi, Jimmy Kimmel, Wolfgang Puck, and Taylor Lautner.

Chuck star Zachary Levi was lucky enough to throw out the ceremonial first pitch last night. Check him out being all sexy and stuff. We’ll all get plenty more of Mr. Levi when Chuck returns to NBC this fall.

And of course Taylor Lautner was out looking buff as usual. If you don’t know the name Taylor Lautner, then either you’ve been living under a rock, or you prefer to call him Jacob Black, shape shifter and baller best friend in Twilight.

Oh, and can someone explain to me why Wolfgang Puck was there? Jimmy Kimmel, sure, makes sense. But Wolfgang Puck? Was he cooking something somewhere?
Hopefully more celebs will show up to Dodger games and help them win, just like they helped the Dodgers beat the Colorado Rockies last night.

Gallery Info: Zachary Levi, Jimmy Kimmel, Wolfgang Puck, and Taylor Lautner showing their support for the Los Angeles Dodgers.