Celebrities Care About The World

September 19th, 2005 // 27 Comments

World leaders, business leaders, and a bevy of Hollywood stars descened on New York City to attend the Clinton Global Initiative.

Former President Bill Clinton convinced world and business leaders to commit more than $1.25 billion to address major global problems, ranging from poverty to clean energy.Clinton told participants including heads of state and business leaders to remember the impact their work can have on future generations, saying “we are so arrogant because we are obsessed with the present.” The three-day event, which coincided with a world summit at the United Nations, included a series of workshops on topics including religious conflict, poverty and the environment.

Clinton Initiative Seeks Commitments [ABC News]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    ‘Hi. I’m Brad Pitt. I’m here because my girl Angie has me pussywhipped.’

    ‘Hi. I’m Angie. I am a homewrecking, knifeweilding, bloodwearing, husband stealing whore. But I strategically adopt abnormally small children from 3rd World countries to lure you all into thinking I am a decent human being.’

    ‘Hey Brad. Nice to meet you. My name is Leo. I’m actually a 30 year old man who looks like a 13 year old boy. Its creepy, but hey- I’m getting Supermodel ass so it works for me.’

    Bono: ‘You know, because I have an incredibly inflated sense of self worth and an ego the size of the Hindenberg, I think I have a right to crash your little UN & International Aid parties and force you all to listen to me babble on in my I’m-A-Rock-Star-With-A-Social-Conscience bullshit way.’

    And who thinks Maya and Oprah were planning a smackdown on Diddy’s ass? My money would be on the girls….

  2. Actually I belive that all the people there have proven that they care about the world around them, be it by adopting children, bringing awareness to the extreme conditions people live in, the environment, women’s right, charity, etc etc. The only person who should get his ass out of there is fucking whatever diddy, he is an ignorant idiot, who is only thinking about his new name change. Maya Angelo and Oprah should kick his ass (via their body guards), he is an embaressement to humanity.

  3. PChoice

    That’s quite sad of you Girly girl………. that you see the negative in something that is this serious and needs to be handled and talked about now… You may ridicule these celebrities for being there but like it or not they are doing something to make this world a better place. Just because they are stars doesn’t mean that when they decide on a cause it is to selfserve. Its such a pity that you see and look for the worst in people. The good part is they don’t give a *giffff* what you think

  4. mischa

    You rock Girly Girl, well said.

  5. By the way who wears a fucking baseball cap and a stupid polo to an event like this? only shitdiddy. Asshole, go put on a suit from your ridiculous clothing line. Better yet go play wiht traffic.

  6. black mamba

    more celebrities care about publicity.

  7. Jacquelina

    I thought Girly Girl’s comment was funny! Most celebrities are just a bunch of self-absorbed freaks. Maybe some of them care about the world, but certainly not all.

  8. MIMI

    I have to disagree w/ the negative response. At least somebody cares. It woud be more tragic if all these rich people with voices just did nothing.
    I truly commend Brad, Angie, Leo, its nice when people thart dont have to give a shit, do. They could all be somewhere else right now. And Im sorry, U2 is the most outspoken, radical band ever, they changed music and I just cant bash them

  9. tempy

    I bet Brad, Chris Tucker and Puffy went out and had some DRINKS afterwards at a strip club. I’m sure Brad had to do a stop drop and roll to get away from Angelina. He looks kinda haggard. DiCaprio prolly went to…he probably tried to give Brad some hoovers while he was there (2 closet cases = hoovers)…

  10. T.J.

    PChoice actually buys into the bullshit PR that celebrities are benevolent. Celebrities do this stuff because IT IS PART OF THEIR JOB. PChoice is functionally retarded.

  11. mimi

    Yes, it makes thier image look better, and yes, image and showbiz go hand in , but it is always the same celebs at all these charity functions, while some celebs I have never seen participate in anything. It really bothers me that people get criticized for doing good, like its all an act. Yes, there are some that do it for the cameras, um J-ho for one, but there are genuine people out there in shobiz, and they are setting good examples.

  12. Anna

    The fact is that it’s an image that must be maintained. You see the same celebs at events like this over and over again because they go, on purpose, over and over again, and make sure they’re on camera once they arrive. Paris supported her image as a fun loving party girl in the same way–by clubbing constantly. Yes, a different situation, but the theory is the same. It’s all a matter of perception.

  13. SMroxs

    It’s pretty easy to tell which celebs view events like this as publicity stunts and which actually want use their name, wealth and time for a good cause. Brad, Angelina and Oprah… I believe them. Diddy… you know his ego is so huge he actually believes he belongs in a room with Kofi Anon discussing world politics.

  14. Jennifer

    I have to say out of all those celebs, the only one whom I believe is there for publicity and publicity ONLY is that arrogant prick P.Diddy. All he cares about is fame and money, and I dont remember him having any real charity or political involvement – unless there is an after party.

    I dont agree with Girly Girl’s comment either. This is a serious event, I doubt Brad and Angelina are there for each other, so get over it. “Abnormally 3rd world children”??? You are very ignorant and ethnocentric. You and those who actually found your comment funny should grow up.

  15. to Anna

    I’m trying to understand your comment. However, I think it’s pretty stupid to compare charity work with partying – when one does not involve any intelligence whatsoever.

  16. T.J.

    There are celebs who do charity work and don’t cram it down our throats. I’m unimpressed with most of this stuff because its obviously staged. There are camara’s and photographers everywhere. Look at the way these celebs dress for this stuff. Oprah’s got her 6 pounds of make up on. Celebs absolutely expect their ‘works’ to be publicized. No, they demand it is publicized. It can’t be ‘charitable’ and ‘good pr’ at the same time. It doesn’t ring true. Besides, MOST of us would help out too if we had the money, time, babysitters, transportation, etc. Also, we’d do it without THE PUBLICITY!

  17. ummm

    First of all, I wouldnt even know about this event if I didn’t log on to these blogs. Second of all, Im sure there are many other charity events that are NOT publicized. Just because we see pics of some it doesnt mean those are the only ones celebs attend.

    It really sickens me how some people can be so close-minded and negative.

  18. glitterjar

    so it must be trendy in hollywood to be or act like Bono of U2 that they really cares about whatever it is the current P.C. world topics.Yeah right,Chris Trucker, Buffy P.Ditty and Bread,give me a f **king break.Those three stooges…..
    To be fair, there are celebrities who really cares and actually do something about issues concern them BUT THEY DON’T MAKE A BIG DEAL OF IT,nor would you and i know what good deeds they have done.That’s classy.

  19. Sienna

    But on the other hand, celebrities bring attention to causes and charities. Case in point: the fact that everyone on this site is reading this gossipblog. If the stars didn’t go out, whether it’s for publicity,everyday life, etc, blogs like SL wouldn’t exist.

  20. Tammy

    Laughed when I saw those photos of Brad. He spent 2 years renovating his house and 40 years living a totally self-absorbed lifestyle and now he wants to save the world? Shut up stu-PITT.

    “He is starting to look old around the eyes and his eyes also don’t look really happy these days in pics. I think he knows the whole world is thinking he is a real jerk. And the nerve of him to make a comment like “oh this will confuse the world”…on his W spread, while his wife is healing her wounds from his womanizing….real nice guy. NOT ”

    You have to remember Brad has been adored by the public for 15 years. Now he’s experiencing the other side of fame. Brad willingly helped build up the public image of “America’s Sweethearts”. He flaunted their relationship publicly, was on the red carpet with her all the time. If he had a brain (which I’m not sure he has any more – too much pot smoking) he would have known that any split with Jennifer would have to be carefully managed.

    But instead he dumps his wife like an old piece of trash to screw his co-star and then flaunts it to the world in the W shoot. What a fool. And he wonders why nobody likes him any more?

    Brad knows his actions have cost him HUGELY in terms of public respect and adoration. But he did it just the same for some fresh piece of ass. Well folks, there is a saying “Show me a beautiful woman and I’ll show you a guy who’s tired of f*cking her”.

    And that’s going to be Brad in 6 months time once he realises that a years worth of sex with Whorelina wasn’t worth what it has cost him.

    Imagine the looks when people see him and scarlet woman Whorelina together. He must know the reaction they get when they go anywhere compared to the reaction he got with Jennifer.

    Brad doesn’t look like a guy in love to me. He’s in trouble I think. Big time. And he can’t leave Whorelina now even if he wanted to. The tabloids would crucify him and Angelina wouldn’t hesitate to trash him in the press. She did it to Billy Bob. Then Brad would have not one but 2 famous women trashing him.

    So he’s stuck with Whorelina like a trapped rat. He has to stick it out for another year whether he likes it or not. There’s no escape for this cheating bastard. He’s made his bed – now he has to lie in it.

    There’s one consolation. Whorelina won’t allow herself to get knocked up because she wouldn’t want to ruin her figure. So once things turn nasty with Angelina he’ll at least be able to cut her and her third world kids cold.

    Brad’s unhappy and is leading a f*cked up life now with Whorelina who has already humililated him by holding hands in public with that black singer Wyclef. Brad’s screwed, he’s stuck with Whorelina for the time being. He can’t leave her because the papers will say “Look at that ass. He left his wife for Angelina and it didn’t last. What a fool”.

  21. Maxine

    Brad just wants the good publicity. That despicable cheater desperately needs some good PR after dumping his wife to go screw Angelina.

    These self-serving idiotic celebrities should just shut the f*ck up and stop shoving themselves in front of the cameras for publicity.


    They think Americans are stupid. Don’t prove them right by thinking that a pothead like Brad who spent 3 years renovating his house really cares about the state of the world. Get real.

  22. Yolanda


    Best video on the web. Turn up the sound!

  23. glitterjar

    To Sienna, you have a point that celebrities’fame will bring attentions to issue that the public would have ignored otherwise.But only if their intentions are sincere and not for self serving purpose like Brad ,and the two stooges.PLUS THEY ACTUALLY DO THE WORK CONTINUOUSLY WITHOUT CAMERA FOLLOWING THEM. i.e.
    like the Brad PR stunt on 20/20 with Diane Sawyer recently to brush up his tarnished image.
    Watching that clip is laughable.Just another act.
    Bono(read this weekend NY TIMES magazine) and Chris Martin(donates percentate of every album sales to Fair Trade organisation ) did a fair share of real work beside calling attetions to their causes.These are class act not some Hollywood PR stunt. I hope Angelina dumps him before Thanksgiving for say, Jude law, now wouldn’t that be a tabloid’s Christmas gift!

  24. Ja

    Yolanda, that video blows. Don’t heed Yolanda’s advice! Avoid the video.

  25. passerby

    First of all, I have to say to Tammy – GET A FUCKING LIFE! Using a different alias wont fool me, you are the same bitter, hateful chick who says the same shit over and over and over again…

    Second of all, I agree with another poster – I dont think celebs like Angelina does charity work for PR, but rather they use their fame to encourage charity work and to spread awareness. There are a lot easier and cheaper ways to get attention. Angelina admits to her vice, so I dont think she is doing charity to create this “goody image”.

    One more thing – how can you people compare yourselves to celebs? Yes, we can donate money and not publicize it, but have you ever thought that maybe because the media doesnt give a shit about us to publicize anything we do? We are NOT celebs. They can’t even have lunch or shop without the paparazzi chasing them, let alone public events.

    Honestly people, get a life. I just CANNOT understand how people can hate on others who do good things to consistently help others. I guess that happens when watching others do good deeds make you feel inadequate.

  26. Ja

    HA! HA! HA! OMG, passerby ~ you are killing me! I know it’s probably too much to hope for, but for your sake I hope you’re fucking kidding. The poor celebrities! Getting their picture taken even when their feeling crabby! WAAA! It’s not fair! PEOPLE LOOK AT THEM AND ALL THEY GET IN RETURN IS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! They sure are brave, selfless people those celebrities!

    passerby ~ pull your big, empty head out of your even bigger ass!

  27. Celeste

    At least Bono is trying to change things

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