Celebrities Always Get the Perks

Even free gum for a year.

Celebrities always have their perks. This month, there is a new IT celebrity thing. Celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere, and Milo Ventimiglia have been seen with their new Stride Gum “Sweet Peppermint” flavor. Stride picked a group of celebrities that they thought were worthy of ridiculously long lasting success, and deemed them VIP. Last year Kelly Clarkson, and Jessica Alba, they were given a year supply for being a VIP. This year, Milo has ordered a year supply and Hayden has already called in about hers. The real question is, Stride is ridiculously long lasting, but can it save the cheerleader, and save the world?

Chew some and be like the celebrities! If it gets me this much closer to the pants of Hayden, I’m already chewing it. Yea.. it’s jail time. But.. she’s so hot, and Sweet Pepperminty now.

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