Celebrities With Brains! 10 Stars Who Have Earned A College Degree [PHOTOS]

We love ‘em for making us laugh, filling us with excitement and keeping us entertained with their real-life drama, and even after the awards won and the charts topped, these celebrities actually have so much more to add to their achievements — like a college degree.

Stars like the elegant Natalie Portman and the hilarious Tim Allen have studied their way through college and have found themselves in the Hollywood spotlight. While some of the degrees earned weren’t necessarily Hollywood related, it’s good to know that they are just like you and me!

Can you guess which celebrity has a background from Harvard? Yup, that’s right… I said Harvard. Or who graduated with a Bachelor’s in Acting?

Who knows? Maybe one day one of these celebrities will run for president. I mean, it’s a start that Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governor of California. (Let’s not get into that…)

Anyhoot, take a look at the gallery for ten celebrities with college degrees! Let us know which smarty pants celebrities are your favorites!