Celebrities Spotted At The London 2012 Olympic Games [PHOTOS]

Opening Ceremonies
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The Closing Ceremonies
Did the Victoria Beckham drop hints on what is to come?
Celebrities at the Olympics is not an uncommon sight to see, but this year they are especially lacking in attendance. This could be because like the rest of us, they prefer to not spend the money, deal with the crowds, fit flying to London into their busy schedules or really just want to cuddle up into their couches and watch with family and friends.

But hey, if you have the money and the time, why not?

Sadly, the people that were most expected to show have yet to make an appearance. Brad and Angelina are both in the country filming films this summer but have not surfaced at the games or at any after parties.

It really just seems like the celebrities of the world are joining in the live tweeting, which is still nice. Justin Bieber made 17 year-old gold medal winner Missy Franklin’s year when we tweeted at her.

Justin tweeted, “Heard @FranklinMissy is a fan of mine. now im a fan of hers too. CONGRATS on winning GOLD! #much love.”

At least we can count our celebs on the twitterverse and Michelle Obama dishing out hugs to our medal contenders.