Celebrities Journey To Kandyland

Karma Foundations hosted their 6th annual Kandyland event, in support of Operation USA, on June 25th at The Playboy Mansion. The event drew in support from a wide range of celebrities (who dressed in theme) including Paris Hilton, Amber Rose, Alex Pettyfer, Three 6 Mafia, and, of course, Hugh Hefner and plenty of Playmates.

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While at the event, the hotel heiress was not on the prowl for next boyfriend. Paris told E! Online, “I really want to focus on myself and get to know myself and be in Malibu with my girls and just enjoy the summer. So no, no one. I’m not looking for anyone.” The reality TV star adds, “I’ve never been single in my life. It’s the first time, so I just really want to get to know myself.”