Celebrities Fall As Much As We Do, If Not More. [PHOTOS]

Uma Avoids A Fall
Uma Thurman almost wiped out while carrying her baby.
Falling is the human equalizer, is it not? Doesn’t matter who you are (unless you’re a ninja or say, Chuck Norris) you’ll end up hopelessly falling one day. No, I don’t mean falling hopelessly in love. I mean falling hopelessly in water. Or down stairs. Or on the side walk.

And as traumatizing of an experience that can be when it happens to you, it’s pretty hilarious when it happens to someone else. That’s what humans take solace in: one man’s painful and embarrassing experience is another man’s incomparably funny one. Comedy, like beauty is in the eye of the boholder, I suppose. But why is it that we humans find the misery of others so entertaining? 

Wait, let’s not get too philosophical here. The real question is, what is funnier than seeing a random person on the street eat pavement? A famous person eating pavement, of course! Celebrities devote so much time in trying to be graceful (well, not all celebrities. Look at Snooki, for instance. But then again, does she even count as a real celeb?) but every now and then that facade falters for a moment, and lucky for us, some right-place-at-the-right-time paparazzo managed to capture concrete proof of some of this situations, and for that we thank them.

So check out the gallery to the some of Hollywood’s biggest flops–literally. And go ahead and laugh at the celebs in the gallery. I’m sure they won’t mind. No press is bad press, right?