10 Celebrities Endorsing Presidential Candidates [PHOTOS]

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I would like to prelude this post by saying, it’s never to early in the week to simultaneously talk about celebrities and politics.

When Oprah Winfrey endorsed President Obama back in 2008, according to a study done by University of Maryland economists, President Obama gained more than a million votes in his battle for Democrat nomination. Oprah’s endorsement has been one of the few instances where celebrity endorsement has been significant in the polls.

Otherwise, celebrities’ endorsements do not really have a noteworthy effect in the polls, as it should be. When celebrities endorse a candidate, it typically attracts attention momentarily. “Ben Affleck is for Obama, OMG ME TOO! I love that.” And that is pretty much the extent of the conversation.

In President Obama’s case, celebrities like George Clooney, have also generated profit in a fundraisers for the candidate. Clooney was able to raise more than $15 million in one night. Michael Jordan will headline a celebrity basketball game, another fundraiser for President Obama.

Celebrity support and being a guest on Late Night apparently constitutes you as a “celebrity president” according to an ad done by Rove in April. The ad accused President Obama of being a celebrity.

But Is President Obama the only President to have some celebrity assistance? Of course not. John Kerry had support from celebrities like Michael J. Fox, Ben Affleck, and Bruce Springsteen. And Mitt Romney himself has acquired a celebrity following. Celebrities like Clint Eastwood, Chuck Norris, Comedian Jeff Foxworthy, and his most notable celeb supporter Donald Trump have endorsed Republican candidate. Jimmy Fallon has also invited Mitt Romney on his late night show.

Does that mean John Kerry and Mitt Romney are celebrities rather than politicians? I wouldn’t say so. Is President Obama? Don’t really think so. Now let’s end that discussion and talk about something more crucial like the fact that The Spice Girls performed at the Olympics’ closing ceremony.