Celebrities Come Out To Embarrass James Franco At His Comedy Central Roast

James Franco's Butt
James Franco's butt covers an alternate Flaunt cover.
Ahh James Franco, a man so deserving of a Comedy Central roast, I’m surprised it took them this long to honor him.

All your favorite comedians from Bill Hader to Andy Samberg and Seth Rogen hit the red carpet and the stage to throw out zingers at James. You can catch the whole roast on Sunday, September 2nd at 10 PM ET on Comedy Central, but until then, let’s chat about the best bits.

Namely, every time somebody made a joke about James hosting the Oscars.

Although James actually had the best line about that saying, “You say I sucked at the Oscars. I was a genius at the Oscars. That was experimental tuxedo sleep art.” In fact, apparently everything James does is experimental art.

After having everyone make fun of his weird behavior, his squinty eyes–Nick Kroll even said, “If at any point James fully opens his eyes tonight, there will be six more weeks of summer”–and his roles in terrible movies, James ended the night with:

“The joke’s on all of you. This is not a roast. This is my greatest most elaborate art installation ever. I’m not the real guest of honor, these aren’t real comedians and we’re not even on a real network. What you’ve seen tonight was my brilliant opus to sequester an artistic visionary and subject him to the mindless incoherent trashing of talentless abnormalities. I call it Genius Unscathed and this is my masterpiece.”

Well, that seems about right from everything we know about you. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from last night’s festivities. Will you be tuning into the roast next week? Let us know in the comments!