Celebrities Booze It Up Just In Time For The Fourth Of July!

These celebs know how to have a good time, and just in time for the 4th of July!

Let’s be honest we’ll all be boozing away on this holiday, isn’t that what everyone will be doing?

Nothing goes better with the 4th then an ice cold beer and these celebs definitely know how to enjoy one! 

What better way to not feel guilty about having one too many than to see Busta Rhymes and Kellan Lutz enjoying a nice brewski.

And ladies, don’t think we left you out.  If Katy Perry and Jessica Alba can throw one back, so can you!

But don’t think we’re just limiting you to beers.  What ever your drink of choice is, enjoy it cause that’s what the 4th’s all about!

Launch the gallery to check out more celebs enjoying their favorite cold brews!