Celebrities At The IFP’s 23rd Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards

Shailene Woodley For ASOS
Shailene Woodley rocks lace short for ASOS
When I hear the words ‘independent film’, I think of non A-list actors…you know, actors that are just starting out. But I’m completely wrong. ‘Independent film’ just means that there isn’t a big production company name behind it like Universal Pictures, for example.

But enough of that, I’m sure you didn’t come here for a film history lesson. The IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards happened last night (Monday, Dec 2nd). However, the crowd was a bit chatty. Lee Daniels (The Butler) even dropped a few f-bombs during his speech to get audience attention.

Some of the celebs in attendance were Shailene Woodley who wore a Calvin Klein Collection top, Brie Larson who wore a Calvin Klein Collection dress, Zosia Mamet who wore a Rebecca Minkoff dress and many more. Calvin Klein took the award for the most celebs wearing his collection…maybe?

Fruitvale Station was the big winner of the night winning two awards. One for best breakthrough director which went to Ryan Coogler and best breakthrough actor which went to Michael B. Jordan. A-list actor Matthew McConaughey won for best actor in Dallas Buyers Club and accepted his award via Iphone (sigh…actors these days).

Forest Whitaker, actor in Lee Daniels’ The Butler and a producer of Fruitvale Station won the lifetime achievement award. Way to go Forest!

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