Celebrating Kristen Stewart’s 23rd Birthday With A Peek of Her Hair-Volution Throughout The Years [PHOTOS]

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Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart! Its crazy to see how the time flies. We’ve watched Kristen grow up on screen, from a 12-year-old tomboy in the Panic Room to a ravishing 23-year-old . Seeing her flourish into an amazing actress with the Twilight Saga, we’ve also noticed some of her hair do’s and (a few) don’ts through the decades.

We thought we’d take a look back at some of the hairstyles that Kristen has rocked over years. From the blonde bob cut to her ravishing and flowing brunette locks. Kristen hasn’t always been such a glamorous diva, because she has always held onto her inner tomboy. And being a tomboy everything isn’t always going to be precise and pristine. For Kristen, that means her hair! She does not mind having messy hair – She actually loves it! We love that about her.

So how will this sweetheart celebrate her 23rd birthday? With Robert Pattinson, of course! These two have been in love on and off screen for a quiet a while now. Everyone seems to love seeing these two love birds back together. Just imagine receiving a birthday gift from Robert…it would be every girls dream. Yet, Kristen does not expect any extravagant gifts from her prince charming because all she wants is him. Well, wouldn’t we all!

Check out our gallery for a stroll down memory lane of Kristen’s hair-volution. After you see how great this birthday queen looks, maybe you’ll get rid of your hair brush too!