Celebrate The International Day Of Awesomeness With 10 Awesome Barney Stinson Quotes!

Neil Patrick Harris Shirtless
With the twins on Elton John's yacht!
Hey everyone! Happy International Day of Awesomeness!

Don’t knock it folks! It’s a real holiday celebrated every March 10th, the day when the legendary Chuck Norris was born. But you know who’s even more legendary than Chuck Norris? How I Met Your Mother’s very own Barney Stinson!

I know what you’re thinking, “Sabba! Barney is a TV character!” And you know my response? “Yeah! But he is the most awesome of TV characters!” Plus he gets an added level of awesome because he’s played by the one, the only: Neil Patrick Harris. So what’s the best way to celebrate awesomeness and Barney? 

Why! With a list of 10 of Barney’s best quotes! Trust me, narrowing the quotes down to just 10 was no easy task as Barney says something awesome on every episode. But somehow it happened and trust me folks it’s–you guessed it!–awesome!

Launch the gallery to check out all the quotes and great photos! Did your favorite quote make the list? How will you be celebrating the International Day of Awesomeness? Let us know in the comments!