Celebrate Shia LaBeouf’s Birthday With 10 Of His Most Entertaining Quotes

Shia's Biceps
Shia LaBeouf shows off his bulging biceps!
Oh that Shia LaBeouf. What a character. The actor–known for his bad boy ways and amazing acting skills–turns the big 26 tomorrow. In honor of the momentous occasion, we here at Socialite Life have put together a list of some of our favorite Shia quotes. The man talks about everything from his greed making him an actor to his tiny penis size.

And what better to go along with a series of bizarrely entertaining quotes, than a slew of Shia shots? Shia shots, ha! Shia’s look is almost as varied as his film career. Sometimes he goes for the clean-cut look, while other times he looks like a homeless man you want to give money to.

Launch the gallery and check out all the quotes in honor of Mr. LaBeouf’s big day. Make sure to tell us which is your favorite quote in the comments! Personally, I like that he compares his looks to Garry Shandling.