Celebrate Robert Pattinson’s 28th Birthday With This Shirtless Flashback!

Oh hey Robert Pattinson! Happy 28th birthday! Yay!

So here’s something I’ve learned about Robert in the years that I’ve followed his career: dude does not like being shirtless. I mean, he will if need be, and of course the fans will scream, but it’s a rare occurrence.

Which is why I think on this, his 28th birthday, it’s important to we flashback to quite possibly the hottest of shirtless scenes in Rob’s career: when he took it all off for Twilight: New Moon

Remember? Near the end of the movie Bella has to stop Edward from revealing himself cause he’s about to go sparkle in the middle of the square? While the scene goes by quickly, the filming did not. And thank goodness because we’ve got that much more shirtless RPattz.

Launch the gallery and appreciate the flashback. And try not to keel over in shock when you learn that this was filmed 5 years ago. Yes, it’s been that long. And yes, Rob is still just as sexy. Happy birthday and good luck at Cannes!