Celebrate Our Love Of Ricky Martin With 15 Magical GIFs

Ricky Martin Naked
Ricky Martin needs to make another video like this one.
Ricky Goes Gold
Ricky Martin celebrates his gold record in Australia.
Ricky Martin Shirtless
25 of Ricky's hottest shirtless photos.
It’s no secret that we here at Socialite Life love Ricky Martin.

I mean, have you seen the man? Everything about him is magical. So to celebrate his magical qualities, we’ve gathered 15 of our favorite Ricky GIFs! That man was made for GIFs. Check them out after the jump and tell us how much you love him in the comments! 

1. We’re gonna start things off with old school Ricky Martin. Oh my god, you don’t even understand how many times I watched this video as a kid. 


2. Do you see those eyes? Do you see the way they look into your soul?


3. The many movements of Ricky Martin. All of them sexy. 


4. Oh my god, Ricky is blowing kisses at us! At least I’ll pretend it’s at us.  


5. Did you need more evidence of his perfection? Because it’s right here. 


6. Oh snap, y’all! Things just got dirty in Ricky land!


7. Oh wait, everything is all sweet again. 


8. Sing it Ricky! (And Lea Michele, just cause you’re there.)


9. See, even back in the early days Madonna loved herself some Ricky. 


10. I do believe that Ricky appreciates all the love. 


11. See, he’s even yelling about it!


12. Oh Ricky, you enjoy that music. 


13. So should we be done praising you now?


14. You’re right. It doesn’t. 


15. No Ricky, thank you. 


And just for good measure, Ricky’s 1999 Grammy awards performance because we need it.