Celebrate National Pancake Day With 10 Mouth-Watering Pancake GIFS!

Friends, Romans, food eaters, lend me your hunger, for I come to present you with the joys of eating, GIF style. Happy National Pancake Day!

As we’ve learned, there’s nothing better than days when we celebrate certain foods, and clearly pancake day is no exception. So we’re celebrating the best way possible: with 10 pancake gifs. Check them all out after the jump and prepare to want some pancakes! 

1. Watch the syrup. 


2. Are you watching it?


3. Again, just because we need more syrup. 


4. Even cats love pancakes. 


5. Mmm, even cartoon pancakes look delicious. 



6. I think we need to head to an all you can eat pancake brunch. 


7. You know it’s good when cartoon characters want pancakes. 


8. That right there, that is the perfect pancake bite. 


9. And just once more for good measure: syrup. 


10. And now I leave you with Salem from Sabrina The Teenage Witch enjoying a pancake.