Celebrate July 4th With Alexander Skarsgard, Ashton Kutcher & More Of Your Favorite Beer Chugging Celebs

Snooki Pushes Beer Baby
That's seriously a stroller full of beer. What the f*ck?!
It’s July 4th guys and you know what that means…BEER!

Lots of beer. Every beer. All the beer! Because really what goes better with your overly condimented hot dog than a nice cold glass of beer. And really, you don’t have to be picky with your beer. These celebs aren’t. Look at Alexander Skarsgard. That looks like some Coors right there.

Maybe Ashton Kutcher’s is a bit better. But in any case, it’s beer and it’s good enough for us! Launch the gallery to check out photos of all your favorite celebs enjoying some brews. And happy 4th!