Celebrate John Stamos’ 51st Birthday With 15 Of His Most Fabulous Instagram Photos

Stamos On 'Glee'
The star took behind-the-scenes photos.
I know it’s hard to believe, but John Stamos is turning 51 years-old today. 51!

We’re not sure how he’s doing this whole “aging backwards” thing, but really, we’re not gonna complain. Especially when he’s pretty much one of the hottest people in the world. I’ve had a massive crush on John since watching him as Uncle Jesse on Full House, and that crush has not gone away.

And the awesomeness of his Instagram only increases it. 

So in honor of John’s 51st year, I’m bringing you 15 of his best Instagram photos. Because everything he posts is awesome it was hard to choose, but I’m proud of my choices. Launch the gallery to check it all out. And John Stamos, have a very happy birthday.