Celebrate Hunter Parrish’s 27th Birthday With 24 Times We Knew We Loved Him…In GIFs!

Keeping Warm
Hunter Parrish looks hot while on the 'Still Alice' set.
You're Welcome
Treat yourself to Hunter in just his undies.
Hunter shows off his mega-watt smile in New York City.
Another birthday of a devastatingly handsome man has finally arrived! This time we’re celebrating extremely talented Hunter Parrish.

Unfortunately, I won’t be providing you with more images of him in scrubs, even though he looks incredible in them.

Check out some of the times we knew we loved him after the jump!

1. When we got a glimpse of his adorable baby face when he was just 21-years-old.

2. He managed to charm us by being his silly self.

3. But when he does that lip biting thing, he’s just sex on legs.

4. Sometimes he makes us wish we need a gardener…a shirtless gardener.

5. Other times we’re just wowed by how sweet he can look.

6. But then it’s hard to watch a heartbreaking scene with him because his arms are distracting.

7. And he somehow manages to make despair look so handsome; though it does make us sad to see him that way.

8. When we saw him holding a precious baby and using sign language to communicate with her, our hearts melted.

9. The cuteness continues when he has that sleepy look.

10. Although, bed looks more enjoyable when he’s shirtless.

11. Sometimes there is only one way to describe what he does:

12. It’s impossible not to smile when you think about this scene. (For those who don’t know Silas in Weeds was high on ecstasy.)

13. Who could deny this little cutie?

14. Even when he looks like he’s up to no good.

15. Or when he’s trying to be dominant.

16. Don’t you wish you were the recipient of these lovely flowers?

17. Maybe having him in just this robe would be enough.

18. Especially if he refused breakfast while wearing it and said this:

19. Just think, you would get to admire this.

20. He does make sweaters look really nice too.

21. Even when he’s violent, he elicits laughter.

22. Clearly, there are two words that describe him perfectly.

23. I mean, I think he appreciates the compliments.

24. When in doubt, remember he loves all of us back.

Happy 27th birthday, Hunter Parrish! Here’s to many more moments for us to love you even more!