Celebrate Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Scarlett Johansson In GIFs!

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Ladies and gents, meet this year’s sexiest woman alive, Scarlett Johansson! Well, according to the good folks over at Esquire magazine she’s the sexiest woman alive. This is Scarlett second reign with the title–the first one was back in 2006.

But folks, this was the year of sexy Scarlett. To celebrate her latest crowning, we’re celebrating with GIFs! Check them out after the jump. And congrats, Ms. Johansson. 

Welcome, folks, to the many faces of Scarlett Johansson.

1. Here we have Scarlett’s sweet face. 


2. Here we have Scarlett’s laughing face. 


3. This one is her sexy, smoking face. 


4. This is her best, “Did you really just say that face?”


5. Scarlett’s sweet face, part deux. 


6. This might be my favorite face. I call it, “I’m gonna eat this popcorn and not get fat because I am better than you.”


7. Obviously we need a kissy face. 


8. Her, “Oh I am so about to kick your ass” face. 


9. Her, “Wow this dude is totally just squeezing my boob” face.


10. And finally, just for good measure, her, “Oh! Here are my boobs!” face. I know you were just here for the boobs. 

By Sabba Rahbar

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