Celebrate David Tennant’s Birthday With 22 Times He Was Too Hot To Handle, In GIFs!

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Happy birthday, David Tennant! Did you know that the amazing Scottish actor turns 43 today? I know, he doesn’t look a day over 904.

Most people were introduced to David when he took over the duties in the TARDIS as the 10th Doctor on Doctor Who. That’s when I got to know him, and I’ve loved him ever since. He is indeed, my Doctor.

So in honor of Mr. Tennant, let’s remember 22 times he was just too hot. And what better way, than in GIFs? Check them out after the jump! 

1. That time he smiled. And winked! Because a smile wasn’t perfect enough. 


2. That time he licked…the…ice…cream. 


3. That time he got overly excited about life while wearing 3D glasses, which really just made it better. 


4. That time he very seductively drank from a twirly straw. 


5. The time he just “did a silly voice and had some tight trousers on” to play the ghost of Christmas Present. Can he haunt me?


6. That time he got kinda friendly with his own hair. 


7. That time he was an officer. And obviously a gentleman. 


8. That time he licked his lips and I couldn’t handle it anymore. 


9. That time he held a pig. Oh to be that pig. 


10. That time he got ridiculously excited to sing “500 Miles” with The Proclaimers. Wouldn’t you be excited?


11. That time he got embarrassed of us saying how perfect he is. 


12. But then that time he realized he actually really enjoys it. 


13. That time when we were pretty sure that “Hello” meant “I love you.”


14. That time he played a very fabulous designer and was still somehow attractive. 


15. That time he reminded us why he can do all these things. 


16. That time he got shirtless!!! And there was fire. 


17. That time he got even more shirtless!!! And looked surprisingly good with eyeliner.  


18. That time he had a hat. And a scarf. I wanna frame this. 


19. That time he made sulking mesmerizing. 


20. And that other time. (Side note: this is my favorite David Tennant GIF ever.)


21. That time his smile was just too infectious!


22. And finally, that time you came home and found him lying on your bed like this. Oh wait, that was just a dream.