Celebrate Channing Tatum’s 34th Birthday With 19 Times He Proved He’s Irresistible

Erin Cosgrove | April 26, 2014 - 1:00 pm

Power Couple
Channing & Jenna discuss their differences.
Channing Tatum likes frolicking in the ocean with Jonah Hill.
After a certain age, many people like to pretend they no longer have a birthday.

Let’s hope that’s not the case when it comes to 22 Jump Street hottie, Channing Tatum. Like fine wine, he keeps getting better with age.

Because of this fact, it only seemed fitting that we celebrate him getting another year older by highlighting some occurrences he proved just how irresistible he is.

1. When he was in denial about the fact he was blushing.

2. The time Sassmaster made an appearance.

3. In 10 Years, he strutted like this and got us excited with the sexiness of his smile.

4. The only time in my life I wished I was the floor…or the air Joe Manganiello is rubbing against.

5. When he expressed the thoughts of the entire Glee fandom.

6. The time he was adorable and shy while trying to hide his goodies.

7. He also amused us when being terrified of a mouse with a boyish Amanda Bynes.

8. Channing answers the real questions…making all of our risqué dreams possible.

9. He expressed how many of us feel about science.

10. One time he made a feline friend and it was too precious for words. Oh, and let’s not forget he was shirtless.

11. Somehow he managed to look ridiculous and hot at the same time.

12. This is the same man who is capable of making women swoon with his hip gyration.

13. But he also has a beautiful mouth.

14. And he’s brutally honest.

15. Happily demonstrating how much he loves stripping.

16. But don’t forget he’s also sensitive.

17. And capable of looking hot in the pouring rain.

18. Oh, and he’s not too bad when he’s shirtless either.

19. Most importantly, he recognizes how beautiful we all are.


Happy Birthday, Channing! Keep being flawless!