Celeb Sightings: Lara Flynn Boyle’s Bitching

Lara Flynn Boyle was walking down Sunset Boulevard yelling on her cell phone at her assistant (I’m assuming) because the person on the other end of the phone forgot to pick up a dress for her.

Keifer Sutherland was loitering outside Koi, chain smoking and playing with his mobile phone. He kind of looked drunk.

Danny Moder (Julia’s hubby) walking into a set shop on West 23rd St., NYC. Looking as handsome as ever.

Brittany Murphy was getting out of her car at one of the valets near Rodeo Drive, and she dropped her Starbucks cup, and it shot up and splashed all over her dress. She was not happy.

I was walking down Madison Avenue, and who did I see trip on the side walk, the pint-sized David Barton. I couldn’t believe how short he was.