What Do Katie Holmes, X-Tina and Brad Pitt All Have in Common?

I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, but how on Earth did Brad Pitt and Christina Aguilera ever manage to dress in such a way as to look like twinsies? I was really hoping I’d see that phenomenon taking place with Brad copying X-tina’s ass-less chaps look of days gone by, but oh well. These three all share something, and that something is a birthday! Woo hoo! Way to be famous and born on the same day, guys. Both Katie Holmes and Brad are doting parents, who will most likely enjoy the special day with their little ones and Christina is a mommy-to-be, and–as is evidenced by a recent magazine cover–the woman is ready to burst. Between her birthday, Christmas and her baby’s birth scheduled to take place in January, winter will be quite the present gauntlet for Christina’s hubby, Jordan Bratman. Well, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays and all that jazz. Here’s to surviving one more year and being relevant enough for us to notice!

Photos: Splash