Celeb Portraits Made From Their Own Trash!

UPDATED GALLERY: 18 additional photos!

This is very bizarre and yet compelling. It seems that San Francisco artist Jason Mecier has created stunning 3D mosaic portraits of his favorite pop culture icons – out of their OWN trash. WTF!

He uses junk and discarded items donated by top stars, so yes…that Trojan condom box in the top left corner of Tina Fey’s portrait actually came from Tina herself. Mecier has spent over 10 years creating outrageous portraits and is now so popular that stars contact him directly and pay $1,500 for a portrait, which he gladly makes from a bag of their junk that they provide.

Celebs who have asked for the portraits include Chris Rock, Pink, Tori Spelling, and Chelsea Handler, whose portrait includes empty vodka bottles, a Snuggie box, Martini glasses, bottle opener, buttons, batteries, chapstick, dice, pens, badges and movie tickets.

Jason still has a few celebs he’d like to do portraits of – including Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, Judge Judy, Joan Rivers, Beyonce and Snooki – which would be comprised mostly of Four Loko cans, condoms and spray tan, right?

”The celebrity culture art theme has always been there. As kid I remember obsessively clipping and scrap-booking pictures from the TV Guide of my favorite shows.I enjoy trying to match the items with the essence of each unique subject. These days, much of my material is gifted to me from friends, family, fans and of course the celebrities themselves,” he said.

”When I became established as an artist celebrities began sending me their things. Most people send me anywhere from a shoebox to a trash bag full of things to incorporate into their portraits.”

Jason’s client list includes Phyllis Diller, Rosie O’Donnell, Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson, Florence Henderson, Mary Louise-Parker, Elvira, Amy Sedaris, and Jimmy Fallon.

Pink’s mosaic includes feathers, lighters, phones and bottle tops and was featured in her tour poster and Chelsea and Chris Rock also used theirs as part of tour promotional material.