Attention! Celeb Colorist Sherry Ratay Advises On Getting The Most Out Of Your Highlights [INTERVIEW]

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I’m a girl who needs her bottle-blond tresses tended to every now and then, so when I saw Audrina Patridge getting her hair colored at Gavert Atelier by Minardi colorist Sherry Ratay on August 22nd in Beverly Hills, I had a few questions.

A bit about Ratay: She’s an internationally acclaimed, award-winning color expert and salon owner who is currently a certified “INOA” color educator with L’Oreal Professionnel.  Before that, she was a color educator with Redken for seven years.

Ratay is an active board member of the Joico Color Council and is a part of the Minardi elite colorist team.  With her 20 years of expertise Ratay has been featured in Vogue, Modern Salon, American Salon and Behind the Chair along with other abroad publications sharing her passion for hair-color.  Ratay currently resides in Central Florida running her own business, Salon Ratay and was named #1 hair colorist by Orlando Magazine.

SL: After first getting your hair colored, what are some ways to keep the color fresh?

SR: The most important factor is NOT to shampoo your hair for 48 hours after any color service….Naturally it take the cuticle layer on the hair shaft 48 hours to seal back to its natural state.

There’s soooooo much more to learn

SL: Some colorists use a toner along with the highlights. What does that do?

SR: Toners-glazes-refreshers…are all the same thing. There are a few reasons why I use a Glaze after highlights, first to achive desired tone, second is to help in the process of sealing the hair shaft, and third is to condition the hair.

SL: Can you really make your color last a little longer in between touch-ups?

SR: Yes, the less you shampoo and/or use a sulfate free shampoo like Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm.

SL: How do you prevent your roots from becoming too obvious?

The closer you stay to your natural haircolor the easier it is to hide it…..if you choose not to then try a zig zagish part….never a solid line part.

SL: It’s summer-Should us gals who get our hair colored stay away from the elements? What if we REALLY love to swim?

SR: I am a ‘sun in the fun lady as well’ and I have found that lightly applying some Minardi Pre-Wash on your hair and then wrapping in a bun, now your hair is protected and getting conditioned at the same time. I love it!

SL:  What is the most effective (and easiest) way to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous?

SR: Protect your hair as it is a delicate piece of fabric….if you color it condition it PROFESSIONALY….not just your daily conditioner.

SL: Does a cold rinse at the end of your shower really work to help seal in the color?

SR: Yes and it can be a bit refreshing!

For more on Ratay and her work, click here.  And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Ps-Patridge wore a Whitley Designs necklace and Balmain shorts for her salon visit.