Cedric Martinez Blackmailed Lisa Vanderpump When She Kicked Him Out

Lisa Vanderpump feels “absolutely devastated” by her falling out with permanent house guest Cedric Martinez. But as it turns out (and as we all could probably see coming) she realized he was just a freeloading fame whore.

Lisa, pictured at JFK airport on Feb. 2, cried it out on the Bravo reunion show about how things soured with her friend of 15 years, who she took under her wing back in London when we worked at one of her husband’s clubs. When she confronted him about his excessive sbills and told him his stay at their L.A. home was up, he threatened to sell stories about her to the tabloids.

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’I said, Are you after money?’ explains Lisa’s husband Ken Todd. ‘And Cedric said, ‘I am not asking for money, but I haven’t got any, and I’ve been offered to sell my story to the magazines. I can say anything I want.”

Ken also suspects he was after fame.

“He became jealous. He wanted to be the seventh housewife. He was desperate to be on the camera.”

Lisa however is still inconsolable. “I feel like part of my life is gone,” she said.