CBS 3 News Catfight Between Nicole Brewer & Carol Erickson Goes Viral

June 5th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
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Viewers of CBS 3 in Philadelphia received more than news the other day when morning news anchor and former Ms. Pensylvannia, Nicole Brewer and meteorologist, Carol Erickson conversed in nearly three minutes of passive aggressive banter.

Brewer seems to be brewing (pun intended) most of the drama during the newscast, throwing Erickson some sharp jabs.

Yes, the video has been edited together which makes it look a lot worse that it probably was, but c’mon ladies, you had ONE job.

But hey, at least you provided us here at SocialiteLife (and many more viewers around the world) with some laughs. The video has blown up with thousands of views on YouTube. Check it out below!


By Alexandra Biston

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