CBS 2 Anchor Rob Morrison Calls Prince William The ‘Douche’ Of Cambridge [VIDEO]

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It's a shame the monarchy doesn't do executions anymore

Dear me.  Once upon a time, a man could be tried for treason and beheaded for calling a duke a “douche” (albeit accidentally).

Luckily, CBS 2 anchor Rob Morrison can just laugh it off over a domestic beer, and toast to his good fortune that his people are no longer under the crown.  Morrison was teasing an upcoming segment on William and Catherine’s visit to Cambridge during yesterday’s midday news, but accidentally referred to His Royal Highness as the “douche” rather than “duke.”

Quite frankly, the only thing Morrison is guilty of is reading the teleprompter too quickly.  Still, this makes for a fantastic story, doesn’t it?

His co-anchor, Mary Calvi, didn’t fare any better.  Rather than clean up after Morrison, she called William “Prince Harry” and Catherine “Princess Kate.”  I know it’s live television, but you guys are supposed to be sharper than this.

By Kelly Lynch

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