Cavalli Has A Thing For…

Well, you be the judge. Kate Moss and Crazy Pete Doherty have landed themselves in a Roberto Cavalli commercial. They were filmed frolicking in Ibiza. Originally Kate was slated to be the lone face in the ads, as she has been a Roberto model for two years. Crazy Pete happened to join her on her shoot and then somehow oozed his way into the ads and the 6 figure salary.

A second commercial will follow. The first ad will feature the two in a “passionate beach embrace.” Pete will now represent the fall/winter lines. Cavalli has previously used Tony Ward in the above 2003 “Men” fragrance commercial. I think I prefer Tony. Then again…I think I’d even prefer Kelsey Grammer over Pete.

Famester fans….remember Newsies? Show your love for Christian Bale in the Film Forum. There is also two more days for you to cash in on 25 Point Trivia. If you know what Brad Pitt majored in his college years, you’re in luck. You can also exercise your literature muscle in the Book Lounge. Plum Sykes is one of my personal favorites too. Glad to see I’m not alone.