Catholics Not Interested In Having A “Black Christmas”

Oh, Hollywood. You’re so good at pissing off the Christians. From the New York Post’s Page Six:

THE Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights says Harvey and Bob Weinstein are ho-ho-horrible for releasing their slasher flick “Black Christmas” – about a psycho who terrorizes college girls during Yuletide – on Dec. 25. “Even in Hollywood, a town where bashing Christians is sport and Catholics are the target of choice, the Weinsteins stand out,” fumed league President Bill Donohue. “It is not uncommon for theaters to host dark comedies or tearjerkers . . . but when it comes to blood-and-gore flicks, they never open on Christmas Day – unless, of course, the men behind the movie are Harvey and Bob Weinstein.”

Maybe they can calm them down by throwing out a “Passion of the Christ Part Two” right quick.

RED OVER ‘BLACK CHRISTMAS’ [Page Six | New York Post]

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