Catherine Zeta Jones Wins Over Broadway Audiences

Chicago star, Catherine Zeta Jones, has been impressing New York City theater audiences in her Broadway debut as Desiree Armfeldt in the Steven Sondheim musical A Little Night Music. It seems that the mother and film actress is making the transition from movie stardom to the stage quite seamlessly.

The actress stars opposite theater legend, Angela Lansbury, who at the ripe old age of eighty-four is “a wonderful, open actor,” according to Jones. She adds, “I couldn’t wish for a better co-star.”

As her character, Catherine says, “She is desired by many members of the opposite sex. It’s very sensual, it’s very sexy, it’s funny, it’s poignant.” Sort of like her T-mobile commercial persona, which I personally think is the most multi-dimensional character to date.

Gallery Info: Newly baptized by Broadway Catherine Zeta Jones is out with her children, Dylan and Carys, her dog and relatives out for lunch in Times Square in New York City.