Catherine Zeta Jones Strips Down For ‘Allure’

How does Allure talk everyone into being naked? They are like celebrities to nude pictures as Oprah is to getting the goods.

I don’t think Catherine Zeta Jones has ever showed as much skin in a movie as she does for a shot of her sprawled out in bed. However she says nudity is a non issue for her at 40. “That’s when your dancing days and being in theater pay off,” she explains. And what a fabulous segue to plug her Broadway show A Little Night Music. “When you’re doing a quick change,” she says “you don’t give a s*** who sees you.” I love when classy looking women swear like sailors. Makes me want to be classy.

Catherine moved to New York for the show, and though she has a scene with a robe and a g-string, her life in the big apple actually involves a lot less nudity than before. The poor thing can no longer run around naked like she did in her garden of the sprawling Bermuda mansion where she lived with husband Michael Douglas and their children. They might live in the boring old mansion for the rest of their lives though. In the future she thinks the family would love to live on a boat and sail around the world. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if [we do] that.” I hope they bring Cameron Douglas with them. Seeing pictures of your dad and his new family living happily in a mansion or on a boat probably won’t help that meth habit.