Catherine Zeta Jones Claims Anorexia Rumors are Hogwash

OK, so maybe Catherine Zeta Jones’ exact words didn’t include the term “hogwash,” but it expresses the sentiment she’s been echoing in response to reports that she was suffering from the eating disorder. When she was told of the rumors by her husband, Michael Douglas, she laughed at the suggestion.

“Michael was laughing at me. He told me what [people had] said – that stories say I’m anorexic. Do I look anorexic?” she told PEOPLE Saturday at the Savannah Film Festival. “How could I ever, ever be anorexic?”

Jones claims that her physique can be attributed to exercise and eating in moderation. I don’t necessarily think that Catherine’s response (which didn’t include a simple “no”) means that she was doing the whole politician “answer with no answer” dance, but I do find it interesting that she’s using the logic that people with eating disorders are all easily visibly identifiable. Kind of the way all child molesters have mustaches and drive creepy, windowless rape vans.

Photos: Getty Images