Catherine Zeta-Jones Gets Mixed Reviews On Broadway

Prior to the opening of A Little Night Music starring Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Welsh-born actress received a ringing endorsement from co-star, Angela Lansbury.

Now, however, critics are sounding off about Catherine’s performance and while they have good things to say, they also have their criticism. The Guardian writes, “While [she] can act and sing, she can’t do both at once in this production–at least not in one take.”

The New York Times was much more positive with its review that asserted, “Ms Zeta-Jones brings a decent voice, a supple dancer’s body and a vulpine self-possession to her first appearance on Broadway.”

However, there’s no question that on the red carpet for the opening night after party, Zeta-Jones was drop-dead gorgeous in a midnight blue gown with a plunging neckline, a fur jacket and picture-perfect make-up. Also, it’s hard to feel too bad for a gal who has Hugh Jackman supporting her in the audience.

Gallery Info: Catherine Zeta Jones, Angela Lansbury, Michael Douglas, Donald Trump, Kathleen Turner, Diane Von Furstenberg, Hugh Jackman and Melania Trump at the curtain call and opening night after party for the Broadway musical, A Little Night Music.