Catherine Watches Reality TV, Prince Harry Was “Nervous” During The Royal Wedding

Christmas At Sandringham
The royal family walked to church on Christmas Day 2011.
Will & Harry Arrive
The royal brothers arrive at Westminster Abbey.
Kate's Charities
The Duchess visited two in Liverpool February 14th.
Prince Harry was apparently a bag of nerves prior to April 29th’s royal wedding.  “I was quite glad when it was over though, bit of a blur I think I was just as nervous as William!” the spare told the BBC (via FemaleFirst).

“Being the ring bearer was a bit of a responsibility and I had it in my cuff because I had no pockets, so I was having to try and check to make sure it was there without making it obvious.”  Harry had a special pocket made as part of his uniform so that he wouldn’t lose Catherine’s Welsh gold wedding band.  The Blues and Royals uniform that the prince donned for the ceremony is so fitted that it doesn’t allow for extra pockets.

“As far as I was concerned I was there to support him, to tell him how great he is – it was his day so I had to lie a bit – and just make sure that he wasn’t too nervous and just make sure that everything was going to go according to plan.”

In other royal news, The Duchess of Cambridge is apparently a fan of the British reality show, The Only Way Is Essex.  While visiting Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool February 14th, Catherine revealed  her guilty pleasure.  

“Kate was really chatty and more lovely than you could ever imagine when she came in to visit the kids,” a hospital worker told The Daily Star.  “She was so down to earth and not at all what I expected. We were told by management we were not allowed to bring our mobile phones into work while she was here.  So naturally we were all expecting her to be quite snooty, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“After a while Kate started talking about TV and told us she watches The Only Way Is Essex,” the onlooker added.  “She has us all laughing, saying she never misses an episode and that Lauren Goodger is her favorite.  Kate said she really hopes that Lauren doesn’t get back with Mark because ‘he is not nice enough to her’.  We were all shocked at just how lovely she was.”