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Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano, Joe Jonas & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For January 22, 2016

January 25th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

It’s time for the day’s hottest celebrity sightings: Sundance edition!

That is where most of the stars are this time of year, and where we found Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano talking about their new movie, Swiss Army Man, in which Paul plays a man stranded on a island, and Dan plays a flatulent corpse. I’m sold.

Joe Jonas was also at Sundance, probably to support brother Nick, and also because that’s where all the fun stuff is right now. Joe Jonas follows the fun.   Read More »

Nick Jonas Has Been A Bad Boy, Which Apparently Helped His Performance In ‘Goat’

January 25th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

Nick Jonas is all grown up, and in more ways than one. First leap in maturity? He went to Sundance. Why, you ask? To attend the premiere of his upcoming drama, Goat, where he plays a fraternity brother…oh wait…did I say mature?

Well, the James Franco produced film is about what happens when hazing goes wrong and you start question the whole Greek system. Intersting…Okay but the real juicy stuff lies in how Nick related to his character.

He opened up to the Daily Beast about it, saying, ”I think that growth is super important in any creative platform and in life in general, and in the TV show [Kingdom] I’m doing a lot of drugs and I’m having a lot of sex. So it wasn’t foreign to me.” Oh really? Tell us more Nick… Read More »

Tom Hiddleston Is The Whole Package: Dreamy, Smart and Sooo Charming

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Tom Hiddleston: Dancing
Tom Hiddleston Dances
The 'Thor' actor showed off his mad skills to Korean pop. Read More »

British actor Tom Hiddleston is one classy dude, in so many ways. Not only can I just look at him all day long, I’m also fascinated by what he has to say. So, I’d be the girlfriend who sits there, gazing adoringly at my Hiddles while he talked about finding what ticks behind the “exterior of people.”

He recently gave a very insightful interview to The Observer, discussing how he approaches playing different characters and about any advantages he may have had with his upper-class education. Read More »

Most Of The Cast Of ‘Friends’ Reunited For The First Time Last Night, And Yeah, It Was Great

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'Friends' reunion

Sure it would have been better if Matthew Perry was there, but hey! It could be worse, right?

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), David Schwimmer (Ross) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) were all in the same place last night, honoring legendary television director, James Burrows. As you’ll recall, Matthew couldn’t be there as he’s currently in London performing in The End of Longing on the West End.

But you know who else was there? The cast of The Big Bang TheoryRead More »

Prince Harry Is Finally Looking For That Special Someone, Get In Bed With Tom Daley: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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William & Harry
Prince William Prince Harry Coats Sandringham 1988
The young royals play on a vintage fire truck. Watch »

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

— All Prince Harry wants is to find a wife (I volunteer as tribute!) [Celebitchy]

— If you’ve ever wanted to sleep with Tom Daley, here’s your chance [Towleroad]

Rihanna maybe, definitely, finally finished her new album [PITNB]

— Wouldn’t you complain about getting bumped from first class, too? [ICYDK]

Rita Ora‘s dress is just fragments of fabric clinging on for dear life [Moe Jackson]

— I have high hopes for Zoolander 2 and this Kristen Wiig commercial is perfect [omgblog]

Hot Dude on Instagram: Let’s Gaze On Oh-So-Pretty Douglas Booth

January 24th, 2016 // Leave a Comment

What a face! Douglas Booth is this week’s hot dude, and it’s pretty obvious why. The 23-year-old British actor is just too beautiful for words, even when he’s posting pics with the guys as they get ready to watch English rugby. Yep, even then.

He also seems to adore his Pride and Prejudice and Zombies co-stars. Booth plays Mr. Bingley in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of the bestselling novel (by Seth Grahame-Smith) that takes Jane Austin’s classic tale and gives it a decidedly undead, brain-munching twist. Read More »

Matt Smith, Douglas Booth, Kylie Jenner & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For January 22, 2016

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Matt Smith GIFs
Matt Smith 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "Lost River" Photocall
Because he is meant to be in GIF form Read More »

So many photos, so little time.

Matt Smith gave his best creeper face while probably channeling his character of Mr. Collins at the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies photocall. Collins is the worst, Matt is the best. Also, did you guys hear Steven Moffat is stepping down as the showrunner for Doctor Who? I bet Matt will be getting loads of questions about that.

Also in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is Douglas Booth, who looked so super sexy at the premiere. I want him and Ed Westwick to play brothers in something. Hollywood, make it so!  Read More »

WATCH: Theo James Is Naked In The New ‘Allegiant’ Trailer, So You Should Check That Out

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'The Divergent Series: Allegiant' official trailer
Skip to 46 seconds, pause and enjoy

Okay, I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the Divergent movies. I tried watching the first one with my little sister and guys, I was so bored.

Not even Theo James‘ lips and model-esque good looks could keep me interested. But I’ve gotta say, the official trailer for Allegiant actually looks kind of good. Oh, I’m sorry, the correct title is The Divergent Series: Allegiant.

The story seems a lot more mysterious, and there’s 100% more naked Theo James.  Read More »