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NeNe Leakes Talks ‘RHOA’ Reunion Craziness, Jon Hamm Slams Justin Bieber: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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NeNe Trashes Star Jones
nene leakes
The 'RHOA' star is not a Star Jones fan! Read More »
NeNe's Second Wedding
NeNe Leakes talks love the second time around. Read More »

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

NeNe Leakes Talks Kenya Moore and the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Fight [NeNe Leakes Official Blog]

Jon Hamm Thinks Justin Bieber is a Shithead: “No One’s Telling Those People No” [Celebitchy]

— Honorary Married Couple Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Play a Version of The Newlywed Game [Towleroad]

— Could Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke and Kit Harington Be a Thing?! [ICYDK]

Selena Gomez Wisely Unfollows Kendall and Kylie Jenner On Instagram [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

— Also, Can Someone Please Explain Kendall Jenner‘s Outfit to Me? [Popoholic]

Gabriel Macht & Patrick J. Adams Share In A Few Funny Moments On The Set Of ‘Suits’

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Are they fist-pumping? Come on, it totally looks like Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams were partaking in some separate fist-pumping action on the Toronto set of Suits.

The duo were spotted in their…umm…suits on the set of the hit TV show today. All they’re missing is long coats and they’re basically my ideal man.

Gabriel was also really enjoying a bagel on set. So much so that he kept getting cream cheese all over his mouth. Mmmm, a bagel.  Read More »

Emma Stone Looks Stunning And Talks Andrew Garfield In The May Issue Of ‘Vogue’

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Do you see the above photo? That is without a doubt my favorite photo of Emma Stone from her photoshoot in the May issue of Vogue.

Not that her cover and the rest of the photos aren’t gorgeous, but this one seems very Emma Stone to me. Looking beautiful and hanging out in the least likely place one would wear that dress. Or most likely, depending on how much one has had to drink.

Emma’s interview with the magazine gives us another chance to fall in love with the young Miss Stone.  Read More »

Matt Bomer Tells ‘OUT’ Magazine How ‘The Normal Heart’ Changed His Life

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Matt Bomer Out Magazine
23 Matt Bomer GIFS
Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer is even better in GIF form. Read More »

OK, before we move on and start talking about Matt Bomer‘s amazing interview with OUT Magazine, can we first spend some time staring into his blue, blue eyes? Seriously, how is one man this beautiful?

Matt’s beauty is on full display in the June/July issue of the magazine, available on newsstands May 15. You can see an even better version of the above photo after the jump.

In the magazine, Matt talks about his desires to star in the HBO version of The Normal Heart, something that is very close to, well, his heart.  Read More »

Bradley Cooper Keeps It Casual And Bearded In LA After A Paris Vacation With Suki Waterhouse

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French With Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper Speaks French
French got even sexier. Watch »

I must say, I appreciate any and all opportunities to stare at Bradley Cooper.

Look at him. That beard, those sunglasses, the way that hat sits on just the right part of his head—I love this man. Mr. Cooper was spotted arriving in Los Angeles yesterday (April 20) following what I can only assume was a very romantic Parisian vacation with Suki Waterhouse.

In case you forgot, they are still very much togetherRead More »

Neil Patrick Harris Didn’t Curse At A Fan, Terry Richardson Continues Being Awful: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Neil Patrick Harris' Snake
Neil Patrick Harris Vanity Fair
Neil's got a snake in his pants! Read More »
Neil Patrick Harris 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch'

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Neil Patrick Harris Didn’t Actually Curse at a Fan During Hedwig and the Angry Inch [Evil Beet Gossip]

Terry Richardson Reportedly Offering Vogue Photo Shoots In Exchange For Sex [The Frisky]

— Here’s a Portrait of Tom Daley Composed Entirely of Hate Tweets Sent to Him After Coming Out [Towleroad]

Lindsay Lohan Says She Had a Miscarriage on Her OWN Show [Lainey Gossip]

Ryan Reynold‘s Dating History is Nothing Short of Surprising [The Berry]

Prince William and Kate Took Prince George to the Zoo and he Tried to Grab a Bilby [Celebitchy]

‘Game Of Thrones’ Recap: ‘Breaker Of Chains’ [Spoilers]

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Dead dudes & naked people.

That about sums up the latest episode of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. The king is dead, the queen mother Cersei is extremely upset, and she wants Tyrion’s head for the murder. But first, she wants to make sure that Sansa Stark is found so she too can be punished, if necessary.

Drunken idiot Ser Dantos is hauling major balls out of the city and dragging Sansa along with him to a secret canoe which leads to a secret ship with a secret passenger. It’s that freaking secretive!

Read More »

This Week’s Silliest & Scariest Celebrity Paparazzi Photos: Kate Middleton, Orlando Bloom, & More!

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Brilliant & Talented
Kate Middleton & Prince William Partake In A Yacht Race In New Zealand
Did you hear Kate Middleton beat Prince William in a yacht race? Read More »

Usually the epitome of grace and elegance, Kate Middleton appears to be involved in an extremely intense cricket match while in New Zealand.

Not only did the future Queen of England participate in the game, but her husband, the future King of England, Prince William, was also invited onto the field to play along.

This tour of theirs has provided us with some great emotion on their faces.  Read More »