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Josh Duhamel, Kim Kardashian, Joan & Jackie Collins & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For April 23, 2014

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So many photos, so little time. We spotted tons of celebrities out and about and attending events.

Josh Duhamel was reminding us of his DILF status as he grabbed breakfast. I just wanna squeeze his muscles.

Kim Kardashian was spotted buying a new swimsuit. I guess stealing Kendall’s wasn’t working anymore.  Read More »

Jodie Foster Got Married, Reese Witherspoon On Her Arrest Anniversary: Celeb News In Six Clicks

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Jodie's Former Girlfriend
Jodie and former girlfriend Cydney Bernard out together Read More »
Jodie Foster Alexandra Hedison

The more you know. Here are six news headlines that you’ll want to click!

Jodie Foster Married Alexandra Hedison Over the Weekend [Towleroad]

Reese Witherspoon is All Smiles on the First Anniversary of Her Arrest in Atlanta [Lainey Gossip]

— Is Gwen Stefani Your New Christina Aguilera? [omgblog]

Courtney Cox Says There Will Be No Friends Reunion. Ever. So Stop Asking. [Celebitchy]

— If Cartoon Characters Existed in Real Life [The Berry]

Suki Waterhouse and Cara Delevingne are Being Kind of Gross Together [ICYDK]

Kendall Jenner Loves Yeezus, Definitely, Maybe Not Friends With Selena Gomez Anymore

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Hey did you guys know that Kendall Jenner is a big fan of Yeezus?

It makes sense, considering they’re going to be related and all that. The oldest non-Kardashian of the clan was spotted in Los Angeles today, having some fun while she did a little shopping with a friend. Her life as an 18-year-old seems way more fun than mine was.

So do do you guys remember when Kendall and Selena Gomez were best friends for a hot second there? Well it seems it’s all gone down hill.  Read More »

‘Glee’ Stars Chord Overstreet And Kevin McHale Amuse Themselves While Filming

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More to Come
What fabulous star will be dancing with Darren Criss? Read More »

Sometimes when filming a long-lasting television series, every take can feel a little redundant.

So what’s the best thing to do to spice things up? Have a little fun, of course!

Glee stars, Kevin McHale and Chord Overstreet appear to be doing just that. Read More »

The New Dad Glow Really Works On Idris Elba

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Ladies, gentlemen, please enjoy the pure sex appeal of Idris Elba, brand new father.

The actor was spotted in London today, giving us a small smile as he visited The One Show. Look at him, barely a daddy for a week and already back on the work grind. I have to say, I really love the little bit of grey in his beard. It’s like Hugh Jackman‘s. Very sexy indeed.

So what’s Idris got going on in the near future?  Read More »

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Bring The Cute As They Plant Trees In Miami

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While I’m still not sure how I feel about Andrew Garfield‘s buzzed hair, I do know that I will never stop loving Andrew and Emma Stone together.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars and co-star Dane DeHaan were spotted in Miami yesterday participating in the Hialeah Gardens Community Improvement Organization’s “Be Amazing” volunteer event.

They planted trees, painted things, played basketball, hung out with a kid dressed as Spider-Man–it was all very awesome. Also, I love Emma’s dress.  Read More »

Tom Hardy Looks Hot In Burberry While Promoting ‘Locke’

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Tom Hardy On The Red Carpet Of Sun Military Awards
How does Tom prepare for his role as Elton John? Read More »

A man who can look sexy while shirtless and showing off his tattoos and still look hot all covered up in a Burberry suit is the best kind of man.

Let’s applaud Tom Hardy for his unique ability. He really should be proud of it.

Speaking of things to be proud of, he should be pleased with the current reviews of his new film, Locke. Read More »

Johnny Depp Spoils Amber Heard On Her Birthday With A Massive Bouquet & A Trip To The Bookstore

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Did You Know...
Johnny & Amber might have company on their honeymoon? Read More »

On your birthday, what do you usually get? Maybe a store bought cake with tacky frosting and your name spelled incorrectly.

Well, if so, prepare to envy Amber Heard who was spoiled by her fiancé, Johnny Depp, in celebration of her 28th birthday.

This woman just might be the luckiest in the world right now. Read More »