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Just Because: Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Royalty With The Always Wonderful Prince William

October 15th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

What’s this? Two Prince William events in one day? What have we done to deserve this royal gift?

The Duke of Cambridge was quite busy today with a visit to the School of Pythagoras Archive Centre at St John’s College during the day and the Child Bereavement UK’s 21st birthday dinner at night.

I know this is going to sound terrible, but he was way more smiley at the Bereavement event dinner. Don’t believe me? Check out the gallery.  Read More »

Bearded Prince Harry Is Coming For The Hottest Prince In Europe Title As He Hangs With Some Kids Playing Rugby

October 7th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

While I do believe that Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip can hold on to the Hottest Prince in Europe title for a little while longer, bearded Prince Harry is coming awfully close to stealing that crown! (Get it, cause they’re princes? I’ll show myself out.)

Harry was being especially cute today as he visited kids at the Paignton Rugby Club. He’s been all about that rugby since getting back from Africa.

I mean, it makes sense, since the Rugby World Cup is going on. Aww, and Harry even got a pair of rugby boots with his name on them.  Read More »

Europe’s Hottest Royal, Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden, Does Princely Things With His New Wife, Princess Sofia

October 6th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

While we have often said that Prince Harry is the hottest member of the British royal family, there is one person who surpasses even Harry’s beauty in the European royal game, and that is Prince Carl Philip of Sweden.

I mean, would you look at that man? He’s like a hotter Henry Cavill AND he’s royalty. Seriously, his wife won the jackpot. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia were busy doing royal things in Sweden today as they visited Dalarna County, where Sofia grew up.

Aww, she got to show off her new man.  Read More »

Prince Harry Says He Has ‘A Lot Of Things To Get Done’ Before He Decides To Settle Down

October 1st, 2015 // Leave a Comment

According to Prince Harry, there will not be another royal wedding anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen, it just means we all still have a chance to meet him and make him fall in love with us before he actually settles down.

Instead, the Prince of Wales is focusing on work, his charities, and his fantastic beard. ITV News caught up with the royal on Wednesday during his 17-mile trek for Walking With the Wounded’s Walk of Britain, and this is what he had to say about marriage.

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Cute Overload: Prince Harry Hangs Out With A Bunch Of Adorable Kids While Walking With The Wounded

September 30th, 2015 // Leave a Comment
Harry's Christening
Held at St. George's Chapel in 1984. Watch »

Prince Harry, sporting his ginger beard and hanging out with a bunch of cute kids? What is this perfection!

After spending three months staying out of the spotlight, Prince Harry is back with a vengeance, doing everything from kicking off the Rugby World Cup to wearing a hard hat with Prince William.

And today Harry was busy with his royal duties once again as he joined Walking With The Wounded’s Walk of Britain team for part of their trek through the UK mainland.  Read More »

Prince Harry Is Still Rocking His Ginger Beard, Makes It Look Even Sexier With A Military Uniform

September 28th, 2015 // Leave a Comment
William & Harry
Prince William Prince Harry Coats Sandringham 1988
The young royals play on a vintage fire truck. Watch »

Prince Harry, please do the world a favor and never shave off that beard. Never!

The younger Windsor boy has only had the ginger beard since his birthday a few weeks ago, but already it’s become the new Harry staple. And when you mix that with his military uniform? Ugh, my ovaries indeed.

Prince Harry was all smiles and adorableness today as he paid a surprise visit to the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dover. Look at all those students super excited to meet the hot prince.  Read More »

Prince William And Harry Are Our New Favorite Handy Men

September 23rd, 2015 // Leave a Comment

If you’re ever in need of a handy man, Prince William and Prince Harry may be your guys. The Royal brothers were in Manchester, England today helping build homes for Armed Forces veterans.

But, the only thing we’re looking at is there personalized hats! How adorable? They were each given hats with their names written on it. They also wore jeans and a vest to, you know, look like a real handy man.

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Bearded Prince Harry Kicks Off The 2015 Rugby World Cup With A Slew Of Royal Engagements

September 18th, 2015 // Leave a Comment

Actually, can you call two events “a slew”? Well you know, it’s more than we’ve seen Prince Harry do in the past few months, so a slew it is.

The hot ginger prince was busy last night and this morning as he prepped for the 2015 World Rugby Games in London. Last night was the welcome party where he posed on the red carpet, wore a fancy suit and looked very dignified.

Today it was the opening ceremony and the first game between England and Fiji. And look, even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showed up. You know it’s a big deal.  Read More »