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Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Get Cuddly, Don’t Have A Message For The Masses Today

June 23rd, 2014 // Leave a Comment

No, no message today, just lots of cuteness reminding us why they’re one of our favorite celebrity couples.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone kept it casual in New York City today as they enjoyed the warm weather and picked up a few books. I bet their house is like an adorable, whimsical paradise. Right? Like their furniture doesn’t match, but it looks perfect just the same.

Also, I appreciate that Andrew’s hair is growing back. I know he cut it for an awesome reason, but this is better.  Read More »

Benedict Cumberbatch Apparently Has A Girlfriend, So It’s Time For ‘Those Cumberbitches To Move On’

June 18th, 2014 // 3 Comments
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch Gifs
Benedict Cumberbatch At 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premiere
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Listen, those are no my words. Those are the words of Rebecca Eaton, executive producer of Masterpiece Theatre, or as I like to call her, professional dream crusher.

While we’ve long suspected that Benedict Cumberbatch has a girlfriend, the news was pretty much confirmed by Rebecca in a recent Page Six story. Apparently, “She wouldn’t say whom the Sherlock actor has met, but she said it’s time for all those ‘Cumberbitches’ — the name used by his huge base of female followers — to move on.”

Noooooo!!!!!!  Read More »

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Are At It Again, Send Another Message Through The Paparazzi

June 17th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Could Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield get anymore perfect?  We wish we could join their relationship!

The pair were spotted out for breakfast in New York City, where they sent another message to the paparazzi and their fans.

Emma looked cute in sunglasses and a floppy hat, while Andrew sported some new scruff.  The duo walked side by side while sporting matching signs that drew attention to some of their favorite charitable organizations.  While most celebs would be annoyed by swarms of paps, the pair take it in stride.

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Sam Worthington Shows Off His Shirtless Bod And Some Lara Bingle PDA In Italy

June 13th, 2014 // 1 Comment

Well it seems that Sam Worthington isn’t afraid of a little PDA.

The actor and his lady love Lara Bingle were spotted in Capri, Italy this week, enjoying some kisses on a rock by the beach. I mean, isn’t that where you get all of your PDAing done?

I’m also super into shirtless Sam. He might not have the crazy abs of Ryan Phillippe, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. Would you?  Read More »

#SOS: Johnny Wujek Whips Single Dad Into Dating Shape

June 12th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Check Out More #SOS!
Need more Johnny Wujek? Check out all the #SOS videos! Read More »

There are many reasons to watch the finale of Stylist On Set. There’s the heart-warming tale of father-daughter love, and of course there’s Katy Perry‘s stylist doing push-ups in a mermaid costume. But back to the adorable story of tween Alyssa and her single father Tom. Alyssa desperately wants her dad to get back into the dating world. Johnny Wujek to the rescue! Watch him work his fashion wonders in the episode below.

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Josh Duhamel Is Working The DILF Look At LAX, Shows Off His Abs On Instagram

June 12th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Hey friends. So right now we’re gonna ogle some Josh Duhamel. I hope that’s OK with everyone.

Josh was looking particularly sessy last night as he and wife Fergie arrived back in Los Angeles following the amfAR Gala in New York. I was like 100% into him at amfAR. The suit, the smile, the posing with Matt Bomer–all of it was fabulous!

Also, has anyone noticed that Josh has some grey going on his beard? Oh my god, does this mean he’s heading into silver fox territory? Does it?!?!  Read More »

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Work The Matching Suit Look At The Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict

June 12th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Brad Had A Bowl Cut
Brad Pitt
See, celebrities are just like you and me. Read More »

You know the best way to raise awareness for an important cause?

Have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wear matching suits and speak at your event. The duo were the special guests today at day 3 of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict conference. As a UN Special Envoy, Angelina Jolie made a speech at today’s event, and had Brad by her side.

I love that they do stuff like this. Sure they’ll come and play nice at the premiere of Maleficent , but then they’re gonna be off doing important things.  Read More »

Shirtless Ryan Phillippe Is Looking Better Than Ever And He Totally Knows It

June 10th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Damn Ryan Phillippe, look at you rocking that six-pack!

The actor was spotted on the beach in Miami yesterday, showing off his shirtless body alongside girlfriend Paulina Slagter. Now, I’ve always thought that Ryan is cute. I mean, do you remember 2000s Ryan when he and Reese Witherspoon were the golden couple?

But these photos from yesterday are putting him in a whole new light for me. Specifically the kind of light where I want to run my fingers over his abs. Too much? It’s OK though, cause Ryan gets it.  Read More »