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Ryan Gosling Is Officially A DILF! Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Welcome A Baby Girl

September 16th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes Baby
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Ryan Gosling
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Yes. It happened. I know, you all need a second to compose yourselves. Better? Good.

Us Weekly has confirmed that Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes are officially parents, after Eva gave birth to a baby girl on Friday, September 12. I know, there has been a Mendes/Gosling baby in the world for four whole days and we’re all just finding out about it now.

The confirmation that the duo were even expecting came in early July when it was reported that Eva was seven months pregnant.  Read More »

Ricky Martin Definitely Has A New Single, Might Also Have A New Boyfriend In Ian Thorpe

September 12th, 2014 // 1 Comment
Ricky Martin Ian Thorpe Dating
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Ricky Martin
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Well, in case you haven’t heard the news yet, Ricky Martin has a new single coming out.

The Voice judge will be all over your musical selection on September 23, when his song “Adios” hits iTunes. We will dance. We will sing. It will be magical. And hopefully there’s a video that goes along with it that features naked Ricky.

Well now that we’ve talked about that bit, let’s discuss these rumor that Ricky Martin has got himself a new man in Australian swimmer Ian ThorpeRead More »

Joe Manganiello Works Out His Very Manly Muscles, Grabs Lunch With Sofia Vergara In LA

September 11th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

But can everyone just agree that Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara make the hottest couple ever!

For starters, the True Blood star is all about making sure his physique is in tip-top shape! The actor worked out his beautifully sculpted arms at Los Angeles Box Fitness Complex yesterday afternoon. By the look of his face, he really worked up a sweat!

The 37-year-old probably had to work out the romantic lunch he shared with the latin hottie!  Read More »

Ian Somerhalder & Nikki Reed Stroll Through LA, Defend Each Other On Instagram & Might Be Getting Married

September 9th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
Vampire Diaries Teaser!
The Vampire Diaries Season Six Trailer
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Not only are they Hollywood’s newest and hottest couple, but they defend each other on social media! Yup, if you thought Ian Somerhalder didn’t read your comments, well then you’re wrong!

The Vampire Diaries star defended his girlfriend Nikki Reed on Instagram after people were bashing her in comments! After seeing some mean comments, he decided to write back to these mean Instagram trolls. 

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Now That Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Have Tied The Knot, Let’s Take A Look At Their Perfect Relationship

September 8th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Did you hear the exciting? Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are officially Mr. and Mr.!

Good, because I kept calling them married anyway. Now at least I can be right about it. Neil and David officially tied the knot in Italy this weekend during an intimate ceremony with friends and family.

In celebration of this seriously perfect couple, we’re taking a look back at their 10-year relationship!  Read More »

Scruffy Liam Hemsworth Walks Around Barefoot, Is Still Loved By Miley Cyrus

September 5th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

But why aren’t they together?

24-year-old Liam Hemsworth may have attempted to move on from his ex, Miley Cyrus, by buying a multi-million dollar home and taking a break from filming his latest blockbuster hit, but homeboy still loves that Hannah Montana.

The crazy thing is that she might still love him back. Word on the street is that Miley still pines after this bearded wonder and honestly, who blames her? Are these two love birds getting back together?

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Leonardo DiCaprio Seems Very Uninterested In Girlfriend Toni Garrn’s Public Displays Of Affection

September 4th, 2014 // Leave a Comment


It’s almost like he’s very begrudgingly accepting her kisses. Come on Leonardo DiCaprio, that’s a Victoria’s Secret model right there–try to act happy.

Leo and his lady Toni Garrn were spotted in New York City yesterday, walking the streets as Toni hung on to her man. I guess his hand is on her leg, so maybe he is reciprocating? Honestly, he just looks really bored.

I’m so fascinated by these two.  Read More »

Ansel Elgort And Joe Jonas Show Off Their Summer Bromance And Funny Faces

September 4th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Umm, did you guys know these two were friends? Because I for one had no idea and I am loving it.

Ansel Elgort and Joe Jonas had what I assume is their first official bromantic outing yesterday to catch a game at the US Open. These two are adorable. Between Joe’s penchant for weirdness and Ansel’s love of taking selfies with fans, they’re like a match made in heaven.

Just look at those faces. What other bromance would make such faces?  Read More »