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Madonna Catches A Flight Out Of LAX, Wins ‘Vogue’ Copyright Lawsuit

November 19th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
She said what!?
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Madonna could have looked happier when she caught a flight out of LAX Airport yesterday! Especially since she won the lawsuit claiming that she and producer Robert “Shep” Pettibone illegally sampled a tune on her 1990 hit “Vogue”.

The lawsuit was originally filed in July by VMG Salsoul. The company claims that “Vogue” contained sampling from his song called “Love Break,” and that he was able to detect the “deliberately hidden” sampling through new tracing technology. Read More »

Justice Is Not Served: Paparazzi Won’t Be Charged In Dangerous Kim Kardashian Car Chase

November 15th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
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Sometimes it’s best not to keep up with the Kardashians – especially if it means endangering the public while chasing Kim Kardashian down the freeway at 85 mph.

However, today is not the day that traffic-related justice will be served: two out of three photographers who pursued Kim down the 101 will not be charged for their reckless driving.

You see, Tuesday was a rough day for Kardashian (and LA commuters), when she was slapped with a speeding ticket while evading paparazzi. One of the photographers actually pulled over for photos and was fined for his “non-emergency stop,” but the other two fled the scene. Read More »

Megan Fox Hides Baby Bump As Her Name Pops Up In Murder Trial

November 14th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Expecting parents Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green stepped out for mid-day lunch date at a local restaurant in Los Angeles yesterday (November 13, 2013). Megan looked fabulous in a comfortable tee/tank top combo with blue leggings and shielded her growing baby bump with her designer bag.

In some rather bizarre Megan Fox news, an innocent joke about Fox prompted a then-17-year-old Miami boy to fatally shoot his father in the head. Jason Beckman, on trial for killing his politician father in April 2009, confided to fellow jail inmates that just before the shooting, the young man had asked his father about the Transformers star. Note to criminals, never talk about your crime in jail.  Read More »

Alec Baldwin’s Alleged Stalker Genevieve Sabourin Makes Him Cry

November 13th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

Genevieve Sabourin, Alec Baldwin‘s alleged stalker gave him something to cry about.

Baldwin wiped a tear during his testimony as he recalled how Genevieve Sabourin ruined his engagement to his new wife Hilaria. Aww, boohoo (can you tell I have sympathy?).

Alec claims to have never had sex with the French Canadian actress but his so-called friend Scarface producer Martin Bregman says that Baldwin is lying. Bregman says he, “He was screwing two women. One of them is his present wife and the other one, I presume, he was doing the girl in question.” Isn’t choosing so hard Baldwin?

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Tom Cruise’s Deposition Revealed: Katie Holmes Left To Protect Suri From Scientology, Tom Didn’t See Suri For 110 Days

November 8th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

The TomKat’s out of the bag: a heated deposition transcript reveals what happened behind Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ divorce, and how Cruise was largely absent from his daughter Suri‘s life following the split.

These revelations come from a September 9 deposition, carried out as part of the actor’s $50 million lawsuit against Life & Style and In Touch magazines. The grand irony here? The actor filed the defamation lawsuit in response to the magazines’ stories that Cruise had “abandoned” Suri.

Cruise admitted that he had not seen Suri for 110 days after the marriage ended, and that he had only seen his daughter a total of ten times between June and Thanksgiving of 2012. Read More »

Denise Richards Will No Longer Care For Charlie Sheen’s Boys, Says They’re Abusive

November 6th, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Denise Richards

Unfortunately Denise Richards recently filed papers with DCFS stating that she can no longer care for Max and Bob, Charlie Sheen’s four year-old twin boys with his ex, Brooke Mueller. She details changes in their behavior which are disturbing, abusive, and could seriously harm her daughters and her dogs. These behavioral changes coincide with the boys’ increased visits with their mother. You can read Denise’s letter in its entirety on Radar Online. It really breaks my heart.

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Kate Moss Can’t Get A US Visa, Carries On With Vacation In Jamaica

October 24th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

From the looks of it, you wouldn’t realize that Kate Moss is having trouble with international travel.

The supermodel has allegedly been struggling to obtain her US work visa, which is a bit of a problem for Playboy. A source claims that the publication had been planning a party in Los Angeles to celebrate her upcoming 60th Anniversary cover, before having to relocate across the Atlantic.

But why, you might ask, won’t the gods of travel let Kate Moss party on American soil?  Read More »

Cee Lo Green Could Be Sentenced to 4 Years In Jail For Drugging A Woman

October 22nd, 2013 // Leave a Comment
Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green showed up in court yesterday to face prosecution for alleged rape and drugging of a young woman back in the summer of 2012. CeeLo won’t be charged for sexual assault, but will be prosecuted for giving the woman ecstasy without her consent. If convicted, he could serve 4 years in prison for the official count of “furnishing a controlled substance” which is a felony.

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